Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best Dachshund Bed Is The PetMate Burrow Bed

Best Dachshund Bed Is The PetMate Burrow Bed

When chosing a bed for your Dachshund there is one important thing to remember - Dachshunds love to snuggle under blankets.

Many Dachshunds are lucky enough to sleep in their owners beds with them, and of course they will be under the covers.

Because of this Dachshund love to snuggle and sleep under covers, most 'normal' dogs beds are not ideal. Dachshunds do not really enjoy just perched on a cushion - they want to burrow under something.

Of course you could add a blanket for your Dachshund to burrow under although be prepared for your dog to drag it around the house.

For a long time our Dachshund used a soft cat bed because it had a small opening and with the addition of a warm blanket he felt nice and secure in his burrow.

We have since got him a  PetMate Burrow Bed and he loves it. This bed is the perfect Dachshund bed.
Not only is it nice and soft but comes with an attached blanket. Our Dachshund loves to burrow into his bed and he is not dragging the blanket all around the room.

The cover is removable and you can throw it in the washing machine.

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