Monday, September 28, 2009

Dachshund Crates - Get The Right One!

Dachshund Crates - Get the right one!

Looking for the right crate for your Dachshund can be very confusing. They may be small but their long bodies mean the tiny cute crates are not suitable for them. Many Dachshund lovers have purchased the smallest crates available in the local pet store only to find that their little one is too long to fit comfortably inside.

If you are looking for a crate to use at home while you are out or for training it is imperative that your Dachshund feels not only comfortable but secure inside. Crates are an excellent choice for Dachshunds since they often feel lonely when you leave them and may even howl for hours. These little pack dogs become so dedicated to their owners that they feel lost and stressed if left to wander room to room looking for you.

However, they soon learn that when they are in their cozy crate it is time for a nice nap until you return and let they out again. It is amazing how a Dachshund that normally howls when you leave suddenly is quiet when snug in his crate. They understand that they are being left, feel secure and are not searching the house for you.

Now on the other hand if you plan on taking your Dachshund on vacation with you and it involves putting them in cargo then it is very important that you have measured your Dachshund correctly. The Airlines have stringent rules about the size of a crate compared to the size of your Dachshund. I recommend that you measure, then measure again because the airline will not allow your Dachshund to get on the flight if the crate is not the correct size.

My Dachshund has travelled with us to many countries, his last flight was from Florida to Spain. We purchased his crate many months before our flight to allow him time to get used to it and feel at home, safe and secure inside.

I have put together a few articles to insure your Dachshund not only has the correct crate but also tips on how to guarantee they get on the flight! The last thing you need is for your Dachshund to not make the flight and get left in the cargo area!

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