Friday, July 24, 2009

Dachshund toys and supplies that Dachshund Luke loves

Hi Dachshund lovers,

Does your Dachshund have a toy fetish?

Dachshund Luke does! He adores his toys and every day walks around the house checking they are all where he left them. If he thinks one is missing he goes into true Dachshund mode - tail pointing straight up - and runs around the house looking in the normal hiding places until he has found his missing toy.
I love watching him do that and he enjoys playing "find it".

A game he loves is for us to hide a toy, give him our hand signal for "find it" and he is off searching with his tail wagging like crazy.

To tell the truth over the last 7 years we have spent a small fortune on toys and supplies for Dachshund Luke - we love him and want to keep him happy :-)
We have also noticed that he has a very strong jaw and have stopped buying him little dog toys - even though he is only a mini 9LB dog we get him toys for big dogs so that he does not chew them up in 5 minutes.

I put together a review of his toys, steps, crate and other Dachshund friendly supplies - it is a great place to see Dachshund approved supplies all in one place. Take a look Dog Toys And Supplies That Dachshunds Love

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